70919 M2 SQ20 Starts Mass Production in Wandak, Meizhou, Guangdong

Guangdong EnhuaGroup Melzhou Jiaying Wandak Laser Co., Ltd.
Website: http://www.wandak.cn/

For making a precision DVD9 with a high speed production, Wandak in Meizhou has successfully made their mass production with M2 SQ20.  M2 SQ20 is the latest DVD line which has many features:

1. Single frame made by steal it assure the precision will stay the same after a long time of operation.  Disc could not fall out the translation system.
2. Extra spin cooling front end for reducing the cooling time of the molded parts and efficiently reduce the cycle time of the molding.
3. Latest designed twin cathode sputtering chamber with newly evolved vacuum pumping system.
4. New generation CenterBond station can further control the dosing of the glue in order to further reduce the cost of production.
5. The SpinCure lamp had been replaced by a UV LED curing device.  This configuration ensure there is no excess heat and a long life for operation.
6. Through a simple upgrade, SQ20 can produce HD-DVD disc.


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