70521 M2 SQM Disc Mastering System at JCC in China

As the installment of SQM CD/DVD line at Jin-Cheng-Chao in Guangzhou, China successfully done by Linfair Engineering, SQM mastering system has set it own reputation of being a compact, fast and unique machine in China with other 15 installment around the world including 2 HD-DVD LBRs.  Customer is satisfied with its performance and the final acceptance was executed right after the pilot run of this system.  The SQM futures are
1. Fully automated mastering system with self contain clean room environment.  The glass substrate was loaded and unloaded automatically.
    The round conveyor transportation system ensures the glass substrates are moving smoothly between in-line stations including cleaning, photo-resist dosing, baking, laser beam recording, developing, and testing.
2. The laser beam recorder (LBR) of SQM does not required manual alignment and the life time of laser is extended by a special modulation method.
3. The platform of SQM provides not only the manual-free operation, but also its LBR can be easily upgraded for production of HD-DVD and BD in the future without the need of purchasing a whole new line.


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